Learn how to train in the gym and at home


Strength is important to stunt stable, stick your tumbling, injury proof your season and perform at your fiercest! 

To be the best cheerleader you can, training doesn't just happen in the gym. The knowledge of how to improve will take you further towards your goals and help you overcome your hurdles.

  In this guide...

  • Introduction to how strength training works so you know the "why" behind how you train.

  • Learn basic anatomy that will help you understand your body and training better.

  • Warm-up and cool down information.

  • In-depth instructions on strength training movement patterns based around 8 foundational movements.

  • Basic to advanced variations for each movement.

  • Video demonstrations for each movement variation.

  • Important cues to help you perform each variation correctly.

  • How to program strength to create your own customised workouts.

  • Programming templates and instructions that can be used to plan and create workout programs for many years to come.

About Me

I am dedicated to empowering cheerleaders, parents and coaches with the information they need. My mission is to create stronger athletes, build safer coaching practices, prevent injuries and help to grow this amazing sport...

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